What are the listing guidelines?

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Great listings from image makers all over the United States are what makes GearUp the best marketplace for gear. To keep searching, selling, learning, and buying on GearUp an amazing experience for image makers for all kinds, we enforce the following guidelines. Many of the following issues may result in listing suspension, and repeated issues may result in account suspension. Make sure to check out these potential issues before listing on GearUp.

Image Issues

Group Photo: Photos including multiple pieces of gear will get automatically rejected from our ad services.

  • Blurry Photos: The photos provided on the listing appear to be low-resolution and look blurry.
  • Boxed or Packaged Images: The listing image(s) are only of the boxed item, unopened.
  • Image Collage: The image(s) are collaged together.
  • Incorrect Images: The listing images do not match what is listed for sale.
  • Non-Original Images: The listing contains photos not taken by the seller.
  • Partial Item Photos: The listing images do not show the entire piece of gear.
  • People or Pets in Photos: The listing images contain distracting cameos.
  • Photo Quality: The listing contains poor-quality photos.
  • Placeholder Images: The listing images are placeholders, irrelevant to the gear.
  • Screenshots: The listing images are screenshots, not the original photo files.
  • Stock Images: The listing images are stock, not original images taken by the seller.
  • Text or Graphics on Images: The listing contains photos with added text, borders, logos or other alterations.
  • Explicit / Offensive Imagery: The listing contains hateful or offensive imagery.


  • Incomplete Description: Full description is missing for the listing.
  • Contact Information Present: The listing contains personal contact information.
  • Incorrect Category: The gear is listed in the wrong product category.
  • Incorrect Condition (Not New): The item listed is incorrectly advertised as being in ‘Brand New’ condition.
  • Offsite Language: The listing contains language encouraging communication outside of GearUp.
  • Trade Language: The listing contains language regarding possible trades for gear.
  • Trademark Language: The content of the listing contains trademarked words or phrases.
  • Unrelated / Unnecessary Keywords: The listing contains irrelevant brand names, words or phrases.
  • Unauthorized Brand New Condition: The listing is not eligible for use of the ‘Brand New’ condition.
  • Inappropriate Language: The content of the listing contains offensive language.
  • Multiple Product Options: The listing contains multiple product options (finishes, configurations, sizes, etc).
  • Multiple Products: The listing is a consolidation of multiple products for sale.
  • Open-Source Component Builds: The listing Make is not “DIY” and the title and/or description do not make it clear that this is a homebuilt item using open-source components/code.


  • Trademark Infringement: The listing contains reproductions of trademarked material.
  • Unusual / Incorrect Pricing: The listing price is appears higher than expected.
  • Duplicate: There’s already a live listing in your shop for this item.
  • General Consumer Electronics: The listing is an item that, while usable in a musical context, is not gear.
  • Not Gear: The listed item for sale is not relevant to camera gear.
  • Services: The listing is for a service.
  • Trademark Infringing Item: The design and specifications of this item appear to violate one or more trademarks.
  • Unauthorized Software: The listing is for the sale of a download, license transfer or boxed software.
  • Want Ad: The listing is a want ad only, not selling any pieces of gear.
  • Drop Shipping: We do not permit the use of drop shipping. Please limit your listings to things you have in stock and can ship in a timely manner.
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