What are the gear conditions?

by gearup camera

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GearUp has six different designations to describe condition, from Brand New on the top all the way down to Non-functioning. We’ve put together some general guidelines to explain what each condition means and to help you find the right category for your gear.


Brand New is for products listed by authorized dealers that are in the same flawless condition as they were when they left the factory floor, and are covered under the manufacturer’s original limited warranty.

If you are not an authorized dealer, you cannot list brand new unless you handmade the item yourself. If you are reselling a piece of gear that you bought brand new from a retailer—even if it has never been used—it automatically falls under the Mint condition since it may no longer be covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty.


For something to truly be mint, it needs to be just shy of Brand New. Mint items should include the original packaging in most cases. If there’s any sort of imperfection, the item should be listed in Excellent condition at best.


When something’s been used a bit but is still close to new, you can file it under Very Good. For modern gear, Very Good items are almost entirely free of blemishes and other visual defects and have been used with the utmost care. For vintage gear, there may be some marks here and there, but the item is still in the top echelon when compared to similar examples. All Very Good items should be 100% functional in every way.


Good condition includes items that are in fine working order but have some visual imperfections here and there. All of these items work just fine but have enough visual imperfections to only be in the middle of the scale.


Poor condition items have definite functional problems that will usually require some sort of repair.


This would be for gear that simply does not work. It could be a camera that won’t turn on or a lens with broken glass. Keep in mind, there are still plenty of buyers out there who are in the market for project gear and other fixer-upper items.

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