GearUp Seller Protection

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We collect and hold the payment once a buyer purchases your item. The funds in your My Sales tab move from “Pending” to “Redeemable” as soon as the buyer has approved the sale or 10 days after the tracking number was uploaded by the seller. When your funds are “Redeemable”, you can cash out to your bank account.

Even if the buyer never confirms that their order has been received, your funds become automatically available after 10 days from the day you uploaded tracking information. If your buyer opens a dispute regarding the condition of the item, they will have to enter the GearUp dispute process to prove that the order is worthy of a return and a refund. 

We always defer to tracking on an order. If tracking shows that the package has been delivered, GearUp considers the order delivered, even if the buyer claims otherwise. This is why GearUp will never refund an order that is “In Transit” to its destination unless it has been determined that the package has been lost by the assigned carrier. 

Keeping communications on the GearUp platform is to your benefit. When communications stay in the app, you’re guaranteed GearUp seller protection.

Cashing out is also secure. GearUp uses Stripe to process payments and bank transfers securely. You can read more about Stripe here. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

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