If an item is lost in transit, what then?

In the extremely rare scenario that a package is deemed lost, then the buyer will be issued a full refund. 

It is GearUp policy to defer to the designated shipping service for lost package resolutions.

If a package is waiting to be picked up by the buyer at a local post office or sorting facility, then we give the buyer 3 days to pick up the package until marking the package as delivered. 

The package I sent via USPS is lost, what can I do?

The package I sent via UPS is lost, what can I do?

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The package I sent was damaged in transit. What do I do?

In the rare event that a package is damaged (beyond repair) in transit, the buyer will be issued a full refund pending confirmation from the shipping service that the packaging was, in fact, compromised. GearUp puts the responsibility on the seller as far as packaging their item securely. Sellers should assume that their package will be thrown and shaken while in transit. It is the sellers responsibility to package their item accordingly. It is GearUp policy to defer to the designated shipping service for damaged package resolutions.

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What about oversized packages?

Shipping providers such as USPS have certain restrictions when it comes to oversized packages. These may be incredibly costly to ship. This serves as an issue to the buyer and seller. If shipping costs are too high, it may deter the buyer from purchasing the item.

GearUp recommends that the length + girth for a package does not exceed 108 inches. USPS has a particular way for measuring length + girth. Any item exceeding 108 inches is extremely costly to ship.

Packages with length + girth above 130 inches cannot be shipped vis USPS.

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Who pays for packaging supplies?

Buyers pay for the shipping cost, not the shipping supplies. USPS will give you free packaging for Priority Mail shipments, unless the item is oversized.

You can use any packaging materials you already have to ship. As long as the item is securely packaged, then you are good to go!

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When will my order arrive?

Once you purchase an item, the seller is responsible for uploading a tracking number once they have shipped the item. Use the tracking number to see when the estimated arrival date is for your item.

The majority of GearUp sellers ship their orders within a few days of purchase. However, there are times when the seller may be on vacation or facing other circumstances which prevents them from shipping promptly. We recommend messaging the seller directly for more information regarding shipping time.

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